Wednesday, July 6, 2016

As We Shift - Some New Tools

Advocating neither an impenetrable wall nor complete submission brings up something new.  This something is as yet undefined. We are awake, aware and talking about it.  This makes us a target.

Without creating paranoia or delusion, let’s address some things unseen. These are machines and the humans running them.  The term machine is used a bit loosely, realize some of these  “machines” are corporate systems; technology put in place to not only halt our consciousness but create instead fear, anger, combativeness, depression and confusion. They are meant to weaken us.  “Why?” you may ask.  Because in the old world there were enemies to conquer and in order to assure success, a force as powerful as humanity had to be weakened.

I’ve spoken before about the *JKM’s, referring to off planet devices.  Today the subject concerns devices, programs and people whose sole purpose is polarity; keep us separated so that our power is negated.  Remember, we’ve called all of this forth.

Consciousness without fear or walls means awareness, intent and vigilance.  Knowing there are people with another agenda doesn’t necessarily have to lead to hatred.  Instead, unity can be invoked.

Recently targeted, it took me a bit to first realize this was happening and then incorporate a successful response.  A response is necessary and not one of submission or anger but one of loving embrace.  This disarms and confuses, resulting in unexpected transformation.  This could take a while and imagination is key here – visualize, visualize, visualize.

Part of the process is learned from Gregg Braden & is shared below. I’ve always loved Gregg’s approach to things – he is a spiritual scientist and his work feels grounded, practical and do-able.  If you don’t have an hour, move to the last ten minutes of this film.

The key words to use here are “bless you”.  Easier perhaps to say than “love you” – as the process proceeds the difficulty to mean what it is you are saying increases.  It is then that your true feelings emerge.

The process for me began simply enough.  It was a specific person visualized in this case; and there was a great deal of anger and perceived “hurt”.  As the “bless you’s” were repeated there were included, initially, several “even though you ______”. 

Well, as you can imagine, this leads no-where and was eventually abandoned.  Then a most incredible thing happened.  The person I was blessing completely changed their expression (the one I saw in my mind’s eye); first to shock (open mouthed), then to a sort of shame (head drooping), then to a sort of child who was acting out.

It was easy to then move to forgive and embrace this child, yet that did not feel right .  This person was not looking for either.  It took increased effort then to see this being again as an adult and fully accept and bless them AS THEY WERE RIGHT NOW.

Now, notice that nothing was said about forgiving the person or liking what they did.  Those are ideas of polarity.  What happened was a sort of acceptance; an honoring even of the being in question, as another bit of light – oneness. Only then could I leave the encounter – empowered and whole without disempowering the other.

It turns out love is not the best defense or the best offense; it is merely the only thing that actually transforms any situation. It requires nothing extra, yet changes everything.

What’s happening now in these final stages of the shift is perhaps the most challenging.  We are tired.  It feels like it should be over already. We’ve been hurt and there is residual anger.  Yet we came to demonstrate a new way to be.

New ways are never successful if begun on the wreckage of old ways; solid ground is necessary.  We are one and have been every player in this game.  This human that has come to usher in a new age is capable of compassion and love without limit.  We’ve come to demonstrate agape and when it asks you to do so from your deepest wounded self, it may feel insurmountable. 

It is not; for here is where the real Shift happens.  There are no exceptions to this.  We knew this when we showed up.  That’s why we were invited.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. 
Thank you for sharing this journey.

With so much love,

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Gaia Portal: Commencement services begin

Commencement services begin
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Elementals gather and prepare the way.

Higher craft appear to Gaia inhabitants.

Starbursts Light the Heavens.

Commencement services begin.

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